Sónia Falcão da Fonseca - Law Firm


Serving clients with the certainty of finding a solution of value, acting with ambition, innovation and fostering respect for ethical principles.


Being a positive reference entity in consultancy and legal assistance, both in Private and in Public Law as well as business law, in Portugal and in the International market.



The SÓNIA FALCÃO DA FONSECA law firm has its main office in Póvoa de Varzim (Balazar). Its also present in Póvoa de Varzim, Barcelos, Matosinhos (Porto), Lisboa, Faro and Paris.

In its 20 years of operation as a law firm, it has always been known for its drive, capacity for innovation and the quality of its services.

It is a full-time law firm focusing on continuous client monitoring and specialises in the main and most important areas of Law.

Distinctive features

This office collaborates with the Castanheira Neves Law office in Coimbra.

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